Ashley Webster - Business Owner/Homemaker
Dan Webster - Tennis Coach

PWY Fitness are amazing trainers and people. My husband and I have had the opportunity to train with them over the last year and it has arguably been one of the best investments we have ever made in our bodies and minds.PWY Fitness really push you to next level so you truly become an athlete both physically as well as mentally. Every session is different, you never do the same repetitive training over and over again but no matter how challenging it gets you are always smiling, always having a good time and most definitely always leaving stronger. PWY Fitness is a family we are proud to be a part of.

Cara Ferrick - Corepower Yoga California Central Coast Owner/Director

Training with Paola has changed my life for the better. I have always been active but have gone in and out of weight training. I am a mom of 2 boys and having had my last baby a year ago, was very ready to shift my body and mind again. Paola’s passion is clear as she creates challenging and supportive workouts and her knowledge around the types of food your body needs has added to the success of my training. It is the ‘kick’ that I needed to bounce back and truly stay focused. Not only is my body changing at a healthy and smart pace, I love the way I feel during and after my workouts. I am capable, focused and often times surprise myself with this new found mental and physical strength. Paola knows the body, the way it functions inside and out and creates a comfortable, safe and stable environment for positive change.

Paola is genuine, extremely knowledgeable, pushes me to see and feel results, believes in my potential and is so supportive of my growth and individual goals. She is a wonderful person, never judges and I honestly look forward to seeing her and kicking ass in my workouts every week.


Chandra Carr - Health Care Administrator/ Business Owner

I have been with PWY Fitness for 3 years. Before I found PWY Fitness, I had worked with many personal trainers and been an avid Crossfitter. I was at a point when I was looking for a change. I wanted to have fun with my workouts and see some major results. That is when I found PWY Fitness. It was the perfect avenue to help me achieve those goals.  

PWY Fitness deliver advanced guidance for people with experience levels ranging from the more experienced athlete to beginners and anything in between.  Paola prepared me to compete as a first time bikini competitor. Whereas, I gave a PWY “meal plan and remote training package” to my brother who has never really worked out in his life. Paola created a program for him and he lost 20 pounds in two weeks! We both saw major results. Everything is tailor fit to the individual. No program is the same.

PWY Fitness knowledge of exercise, fitness and weight training is superior to any approach I have ever experienced. They not only taught me how to train in the gym, but also how to eat.  PWY trained me how to integrate the two to maximize my results.  All that I had to do was follow my customized meal plan and bring 100% to my workouts. I have never looked or felt better!


Logan Kovarick - Student

PWY Fitness is the epitome of strength, hard work, and discipline in the personal training space. When I came across PWY, I had hit a wall in gaining size and power in my training. What I found with the two of them was more than I ever thought I was going to get. They completely altered the way I looked at weight training, cardio and diet. Having a couple like them hold you accountable in not only just the gym but at home with your diet is invaluable and essential to each and every fitness journey. When you train with PWY you train with family. Having the two of them in my life has made me not just physically stronger but mentally as well. I’ve participated in more ‘cookie cutter’ online programs than I can count and ever since I started training with the two of them, my routine in the kitchen and in the gym will be forever altered for the better. 

I can’t speak enough about their character as well. They are genuinely two of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and have gone out there way time and time again to not only help me be a better athlete but a better all around person. I’ve got nothing but love and love again for PWY Fitness and I always will! 

Jennifer Kemp - Hair Styler / Bikini Competitor

I have had the privilege of training with PWY fitness for the past 3 + years. 
I've been active my whole life and had just started getting into fitness /physique competitions. 
Through small adjustments to my nutrition plan and taking the workouts to an entirely different level than I had ever experienced, I began to see and feel positive changes almost immediately. 
Training time in the gym with PWY Fitness became my important scheduled "me time" which I have found to be so important to recharge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
The workouts are always different...... every single session which keeps the mind and body guessing. 
Team PWY has a gift of creating intense, powerful and slightly crazy routines but the feeling of satisfaction once they're finished is priceless. I feel proud that I've competed in several physique shows and been able to maintain a lean healthy body consistently even when not on stage. 
The tools and training really make it a lifestyle change and one that you're proud of. 
I am able to enjoy a variety of sports outside of the gym with extra energy as well as no muscle fatigue or soreness after/next day. Skiing, motorcycle riding, wakesurfing, biking etc. 
I am grateful to be a part of such an elite team/group  full of possibilities, positivity and passion.